Advance Voting

In Estonia, the election acts and the Referendum Act provide for several possibilities to vote before the election day.

You must consider in good time whether it is possible for you to vote at the voting district of your residence on the election day. If not, you can choose between a number of advance voting options.

At the Riigikogu and the European Parliament elections as well as at referendums, the first voting opportunity comes up for Estonian citizens in foreign countries. You can vote abroad by post or in the foreign mission on certain dates.

From 10th to 7th day before election day at least one polling place will be open in every county centre where all voters can vote regardless of their voting district of residence. The polling places are open from 12 noon antil 8 p.m.

Electronic voting starts on the 10th day before the election day at 9 a.m and will continue until 4th day before election day 6 p.m (Wednesday).

All polling places will be opened on the 6th day before the election day (i.e. on Monday of the week preceding the elections) until the 4th day before election day (Wednesday). Polling places are open from 12 noon until 8 p.m.

There is no voting on Thursday, Friday and Saturday before the election day.

All voting options are described on the voter card which is sent to every voter. If you have not received your voter card 15 days before the election day at the latest, it is very important to contact your rural municipality or city government (district administration in Tallinn). Failure to receive the card may mean that your name is not on the list of voters.