Advance Voting in Voting District of Residence

During the advance voting days, it is very easy to vote in the voting district of your residence.  All polling places are open for advance voting from the sixth day until the third day before the election day, i.e. from Monday till Wednesday of the week preceding the election day. You can vote from 12 noon until 8 p.m.

You must bring an identity document with you to the polling place. An identity document is a document issued by a state agency which carries the name, the date of birth or personal identification code, a photograph or facial image and the signature or image of signature of the holder. Identity documents include:

  • ID-Card,
  • Estonian passport,
  • diplomatic passport,
  • seafarer’s discharge book,
  • driver’s licence,
  • pension certificate.

Everyone votes for themselves and it is not possible to authorise someone else to vote on your behalf.

Your voter card will give you the location of the polling place. You do not have to bring the voter card to the polling place.

During the advance voting in the voting district of your residence, all voting activities are carried out like on the election day. You must present your identity document to the members of the committee. The voter signs the list of voters against the receipt of the ballot paper.

A ballot paper is filled out in the voting booth, which has the list of candidates on the wall. You must write the registration number of the candidate for whom you vote for on the ballot paper. At a referendum, the ballot paper includes the question or the name of the draft legislation put to the vote and two boxes for Yes and No, and you must mark the box you prefer with a cross or any other comprehensible mark.

After completing the ballot paper, the voter folds the ballot paper and hands it to a member of the voting district committee who affixes a seal to the outside of the folded paper.

You then deposit the ballot paper in the ballot box. 

If you spoil the ballot paper, you have the right to be given a new ballot paper by the voting district committee. The spoiled ballot paper must be returned to the district committee. If you have already marked your decision on the ballot paper, you must cross it out before returning the paper to the division committee, in a way as to render the choice illegible.

The ballot paper must not be taken out of the polling place.