Formation of Voting District Committees

Voting in a voting district is organised by the voting district committee. The committee is made up of 5-9 members. The committee is formed by the city or rural municipality council on the proposal of the rural municipality or city secretary, for each election or referendum.

Members of the district committee must have the right to vote at the election or referendum in question. This means that the members of the committee do not have to be Estonian citizens at the local government council election and the European Parliament election. The law requires members of the committee to be proficient in Estonian.

Half of the members of the district committee are proposed by the rural municipality or city secretary. The rest are proposed by the political parties (as well as election coalitions at council elections) taking part in the election. The council must take the principle of political balance into account when forming the district committee. A member of the district committee proposed by a political party has all the rights and responsibilities of a member of the district committee. Members of the committee must abstain from campaigning of any sort.