Registration of candidates

Depending on the elections, the nomination of candidates begins from three months to 60 days before the election day and ends on the 45th day before the election day at the Riigikogu elections, on the 50th day before the election day at the European Parliament elections, and on the 40th day before the election day at the municipal councils elections. Registration documents are submitted by an authorised representative of a political party, a citizens’ election coalition or an independent candidate, or personally by the independent candidate. The registration documents can also be submitted electronically.

The electoral committee reviews the candidate documents and registers the candidates proposed for registration. If there are errors in the registration documents of a candidate which have not been corrected by the time of registration, the candidate will not be registered. If the candidate list contains errors, the whole list is left unregistered.

At the Riigikogu and local government council elections, a personal registration number is given to every candidate upon registration. Registration numbers start at 101. Candidate numbers are divided between political parties and individual candidates by luck of draw.