Voter's card

Before the elections, a voter will receive their voter's card by mail to their registered address of residence.Voter's card is for information purposes only, it is not necessary to bring it to the polling division. On the card there is information on the time of voting, the location of the polling place as well as the phone number of the elections helpline. 

Receipt of the voter card confirms that the voter has been entered on the polling list. If the voter has not received their voter card 15 days prior to the election day, they should contact the registrar of the rural municipality or city government (in Tallinn, district administration) of their residence. This can be done by telephone. Everyone can also check their address of residence in the population register at


A voter's card can also be sent electronically

The voter's card is sent to the person’s e-mail address (this is only a forwarding address and must be redirected at to an e-mail address used by the person).