Voting Outside the Voting District of Residence

If you are away from your residence on the election week, you have the possibility to vote outside your voting district of residence.

From 10th to 7th day before election day at least one polling place will be open in every county centre where all voters can vote regardless of their voting district of residence.

Every rural municipality and city has at least one polling place open for voters voting outside the voting district of their residence on 6th to 4th day before Election Day. Information on such polling places is published on the website of the National Electoral Committee.

You can vote from 12 noon to 8 p.m. A voter must bring along their identity document.

You must know what address the population register lists as your place of residence because the ballot paper will be sent in an envelope to the voting district according to the address you specified.

Your data is entered in the list of voters upon the presentation of your identity document. The voter signs the list of voters voting outside the voting district of their residence against the receipt of a ballot paper.

A member of the voting district committee gives you a ballot paper and two envelopes. At the Riigikogu and local government council elections, the voting division committee gives you a copy of the consolidated list of candidates in your electoral district of residence, which must be returned to the district committee after the voting.

Ballot papers are filled in a voting booth.

After filling in your ballot paper, you must enclose it in the internal (smaller) envelope given to you by a member of the division committee, and then enclose that in the outer (bigger) envelope. You or a member of the voting district committee writes your name, personal identification code and address as registered in the population register as of 30 days before the election day on the outer envelope. 

You must deposit the envelope in the ballot box intended for the ballot papers of voters voting outside the voting district of their residence.

At the Riigikogu and the European Parliament elections and referendums, the polling places organising the voting outside of voting district of residence are open during the advance voting to Estonian citizens who are staying in Estonia but reside permanently abroad.