25,4% voted during the advance poll that ended today


223,870 voters took part in the advance poll of European Parliament election. 155,521 voted electronically, 68,349 voters voted in a polling station. This means that 25,4% of the voters took part in the advance poll.

At the European Parliament elections five years ago 19,3% of eligible voters had cast their ballot during the advance poll.

In Election Day, all 444 polling places are open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Voters can vote only in the voting district of their residence. The voter must present a valid identity document, e.g. passport, ID-card or driving licence. A vote cast in advance voting and I-voting cannot be changed.

Voters who are unable to vote at a polling place due to their state of health or for another good reason can vote at home. In order to vote at home, the voter must submit a written application or make an application by telephone to the voting district committee of their residence by 2 p.m. (in election day) at the latest.