27.8% voted during the advance poll that ended yesterday


306,508 voters took part in the advance poll of local government council elections, which ended yesterday. 186,034 voted electronically. 120,474 voters voted in a polling station, 48,016 of them outside the voting district of their residence. This means that 27.8 % of the voters took part in the advance poll.

Detailed information is available at: https://kov2017.valimised.ee/osavotu-statistika.html

During the local government council election four years ago, 24.4 % of the voters used the opportunity to vote in advance.

On the day of elections, 15 October, all polling divisions are open from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m. On election day, a voter can vote only in the voting district of their residence, and they cannot change the vote given during the advance poll. Due to a poor state of health or another valid reason, a voter may vote at home on the day of elections.