National Electoral Committee registered 1,099 candidates for parliamentary elections



Today, the National Electoral Committee (NEC) registered the candidates for the elections of the Riigikogu. Ten political parties and 15 independent candidates registered for the elections; this makes a total of 1,099 candidates.

“The NEC did not register independent candidates Almar Gluštšenko, Meelis Kaldalu and Reio Laurits because they failed to pay the required security by the due date; Laurits also failed to present a candidate’s declaration of intention,” said the Chairman of the National Electoral Committee Meelis Eerik.

The NEC also decided that the Estonian United Left Party will take part in the elections with a list of 11 candidates. The authorised representatives of the Party are Julia Sommer and Taivo Rist. “The Committee heard the arguments from both sides and asked for documents on representative bodies. “After consideration we based our decision on the principle that if a party submits a new list, the earlier one is considered withdrawn. The first list was submitted on 13 January, the second one on 17 January,” added Eerik.  

Lots were also drawn to determine the registration numbers of candidates on the party lists, as well as of the independent candidates.

The results of the drawing of lots:

Estonian Free Party

Estonian Reform Party

Estonian Greens

Social Democratic Party

Biodiversity Party

Estonian Conservative People’s Party

Estonia 200

Estonian Centre Party

Estonian United Left Party


Independent candidate Sergei Svjatušenko

Independent candidate Jüri Malsub

Independent candidate Risto Nahkor

Independent candidate Vello Kookmaa

Independent candidate Harry Raudvere

Independent candidate Hannes Veskimäe

Independent candidate Margus Saar

Independent candidate Hando Tõnumaa

Independent candidate Maarika Pähklemäe

Independent candidate Üllar Kruustik

Independent candidate Tanel Häidkind

Independent candidate Ege Hirv

Independent candidate Kalju Mätik

Independent candidate Kaido Kookmaa

Independent candidate Veiko Tani

You can find the exact registration numbers in the attachment. By tomorrow, at the latest, the candidates can also be viewed on the elections web page

Under the Election Act, the candidates may submit an application to decline to run as a candidate within three days of the registration, i.e. on January 24 at the latest.

Advance voting and e-voting at the parliamentary elections will start on February 21. The Election Day is March 3.