By tonight, 25,865 votes have been cast at the European Parliament elections


At the European Parliament elections, by 8 p.m. tonight, 4,344 voters have voted in county centres, and 21,521 over the internet.

2439 voted in polling places in Tallinn, and 1055 in Tartu. The most popular polling place was in Solaris Centre (452 voters).

At the European Parliament elections five years ago, by 8 p.m., 3,108 voters had voted in county centres and 15,405 over the internet.

Voting is possible in county centres until 8 p.m. on 19 May, regardless of the registered place of residence of the voter. I-voting is possible on the address around the clock until 6 p.m. on 22 May. A vote cast over the internet can be changed by another electronic vote, or by voting in a polling place on the advance voting days. A voter cannot change their vote on the election day, 26 May.

Advance voting takes place on 20–22 May in all 444 polling places. Every local government unit has at least one polling place that organises voting outside the place of residence. On the election day, 26 May, a voter can vote only in the polling place of their residence.

The voter must bring a valid identity document, e.g. their ID-card, passport, or driving licence. They do not have to bring their voter’s card.

At the European Parliament elections, voting is open to Estonian citizens as well as citizens of other European Union Member States who reside permanently in Estonia and have expressed their wish to vote here. There is just one electoral district covering the whole Estonia, which means that a voter can make their choice from among all the 66 candidates.