To voters with special needs

Information about the accessibility of polling places and the availability of ramps can be found in the map application of the elections, under relevant voting district. The map application also contains a photo of the entrance of the building where the polling place of the voting district is located.

You can get more information about voting possibilities by phoning the voting district committee during their working hours. You will find the phone number on your voter’s card or in the map application. The members of the voting district committee will also assist you in voting if the polling place is with limited accessibility.

If a voter, due to physical disability, is unable to complete the ballot paper and deposit it in the ballot box themselves, another voter (or a member of the voting district committee), but not by a candidate in the elections, may do so at the request and in the presence of the voter.

A voter who is unable to vote at a polling place due to their state of health may apply to vote at home. The application is submitted in written form to the voting district committee or to the rural municipality or city government. An application can also be submitted by telephone by calling the voting district committee between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. on election day.

During the advance voting period, it is also possible to vote online. The Windows version of the voter application can be used with the screen readers using MSAA interface. Support with JAWS and NVDA applications has been tested. Screen readers read out the content of the voter application displays; mouse and keyboard have to be used for managing the voter application. At the moment, the macOS voter application does not have the support of Voiceover screen reader.


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