Advance Voting

In Estonia, the election acts and the Referendum Act also provide for opportunities to vote before the election day. The election week starts on Monday, and it consists of six advance voting days and the election day on Sunday, when the election week ends.

The voter has to consider in good time whether they will be able to vote at a polling place of a voting district of the electoral district of their residence on the election day. If it is impossible, other ways of voting can be used.

Electronic voting (i-voting) opens on the sixth day before the election day (on Monday) at 9 a.m. Electronic voting closes on the day before the election day (on Saturday) at 8 p.m. An i-vote can be annulled by voting with a ballot paper on the election day until 8 p.m.

From the sixth day to the third day before the election day (from Monday to Thursday), at least one voting district polling place is open in each rural municipality and city, where all voters, including the voters whose place of residence is in another electoral district, can vote. Voting opens at 12 noon and closes at 8 p.m.

The polling places of all voting districts open for advance voting on the second day before the election day (on Friday). On Friday and Saturday, voting is open from 12 noon to 8 p.m.

The elections information notice sent to voters gives an overview of the voting possibilities in a specific rural municipality or city.