Questions about ID-card and mobile ID

Using of ID card at i-voting

1. Where can I get an ID-card?

To get an ID-card (identity card), you have to submit an application to the Police and Border Guard Board.

2. My ID-card certificates are not valid (are expired, suspended or annulled). How can I get new ones?

If your ID-card certificates have been suspended, you have to turn to the customer service point with your ID-card to end the suspension. If your ID-card certificates have expired or have been annulled, you should apply for a new ID-card. 

3. I have lost/forgotten my PIN-codes. How can I get new ones?

From the Police and Border Guard Board.

4. Is it possible to vote with Digi-ID?


5. I have recently renewed my ID-card certificates, but I cannot vote. Why?

If you renewed your ID-card certificates immediately before you started voting, please note that it will take two hours before you can vote with the renewed certificates. Please try to vote again two hours after renewing


Chip card reader and ID-card software

6. I do not have a computer with Internet connection and card reader, how can I i-vote?

It is possible to vote at public Internet access points equipped with computers that have ID-card readers. To avoid the risks related to the security of the computer, a computer that belongs to the voter personally or to a reliable administrator should be used for i-voting.

7. I don’t have a chip card reader. Where can I get one?

You can get an ID-card reader from a computer shop. When the card reader has been connected to the computer, it is necessary to install ID-software.

8. Where can I get ID-software?

To download the software, go to the ID-card software web page and follow the instructions there.


ID-card software


Using of Mobile ID at i-votin

9. Is it possible to vote with Mobile ID?

Yes. To get a Mobile ID SIM card, you have to make a service agreement at your mobile operator. An electronic application for Mobile ID certificates with state guarantee has to be submitted at the same web page.

10. Is it possible to vote with a mobile phone, without using a computer?

No, it is not possible to vote by using only a mobile phone. For voting, it is necessary to have a computer with Internet connection. But Mobile ID can be used for identifying a person and giving a digital signature. Mobile phone is also necessary for checking your vote, which helps to confirm if your computer behaved correctly.