Checking of an i-vote


Instructions for checking a vote

A voter can check whether their vote reached the server as they cast it. A vote can be checked after i-voting for up to three times during half an hour with a smart device with Android or iOS operating system. 

Checking a vote enables to ascertain if the vote has reached the central server of elections and reflects the voter's choice correctly.

If a voter wishes to check their vote, they must install the verification application on their smart device before starting to vote on a computer. The application is available on the smart device’s app store under the name “EH kontrollrakendus” [“I-vote verification application”].

A smart device that can be used for checking must have the following:

  • a camera;
  • data communication connection (Internet);
  • the verification application “EH kontrollrakendus” [“I-vote verification application”] downloaded from Google Play or Appstore environment. Cybernetica AS is indicated as the publisher;
  • Android or iOS mobile operating system.


The checking process

After i-voting on a computer, a QR code is displayed on the computer screen.

etapid 8 ok

First, open the verification application on the smart device. Then press the button “Edasi” [“Next”], and point the camera at the QR code on the screen.

kontrollrakendus QR-kood







After taking the picture, the verification application automatically turns to the central server of elections and downloads the encrypted (secret) i-vote of the voter. If you click the button “Kuva minu valik” [“Display my choice”], keep in mind that your preferred choice is clearly visible on the smart device screen in the next view.

kontrollrakendus minu valik











The verification application closes automatically after 30 seconds.

During the checking, the application compares the i-vote against the list of candidates, using the session code and the random number contained in the QR code. A vote can correspond to only one candidate’s name.

It is possible to check only one vote at a time with the verification application.


If an error occurs

The verification application stops in two ways: by displaying the name of the candidate or an error message. 

There are two reasons why an error may occur while checking a vote: the QR code photographed cannot be used to check the vote, or no name of a candidate to match the cryptogram generated on the smart device can be found on the central server of elections. The voter receives an error message in both cases.

kontrollrakendus tehniline viga







If an error message appears, try the following steps:

  • in order to exclude human error, please vote again on the same computer, and check again;
  • try voting on another computer and check the vote.

If checking a vote using the same computer or smart device fails repeatedly, inform the elections manager either by e-mail [email protected] or by telephone +372 631 6633.