Requirements to the voter and their computer

To vote with an ID-card, the voter must have:

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    ID-card issued by the Police and Border Guard Board;
  • PIN-codes issued along with the ID-card. If you have lost your codes, the Police and Border Guard Board will issue new ones;
  • Valid certificates;
  • Computer with Internet connection – Windows, Mac OS X or Linux operating systems can be used for voting;
  • Card reader; this can be purchased in a computer store;
  • ID-card software


To vote over the Internet by Mobile-ID, the voter must have:

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    Mobiil ID
    Mobile-ID supported SIM-card in their mobile phone. You can sign a Mobile-ID service agreement with your mobile operator;
  • PIN-codes issued along with the Mobile-ID SIM-card;
  • Activated Mobile-ID. Activated on the provider's self-service site;
  • Computer with Internet connection. Windows, Mac OS X or Linux operating systems can be used for voting.

Make sure that your computer is virus-free before i-voting.


Please note before voting

If voting is interrupted at any stage before confirming the vote with the PIN2 code, the vote is not considered cast. Before voting, you must make sure that your ID-card is in the chip card reader or that you have a mobile phone with Mobile-ID, and the PIN1 and PIN2 codes.


Checking the authenticity of the web server

To start, the voter must type in the address After entering the address, a padlock will appear on the address line of the browser (either before or after the address). Double clicking it opens a web server certificate display dialogue. For Internet Explorer, select Details (middle tab) and scroll down to see the value of the Thumbprint parameter. For other browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari), you need to do the same search for the details of the certificate until you reach Fingerprint.

Next you must make sure that the thumbprint or fingerprint of the certificate corresponds to the one published in the file.

If the checksum of the downloaded voter application or the web server does not match up with the one in the checksum file, please contact the State Electoral Office immediately and report a possible attack. You must never use this program for i-voting.


Downloading and launching the voter application

During i-voting, go to the elections web page opening page and download the voter application. The i-voter is offered the voter application that corresponds to the operation system of their computer. Downloading time depends on the speed of your Internet connection.