Parliamentary elections 2023

Time of voting 

The Riigikogu elections will take place on 5 March 2023. The election week starts on Monday, 27 February. It consists of six advance voting days. Since voters are no longer tied to a specific polling place, they can now vote at the polling place that suits them best within their electoral district. 

At Riigikogu elections, voting is also possible in Estonia’s foreign missions. Voting takes place in foreign missions on 18–23 February. Those who are abroad can also vote by mail. A voter who wishes to vote by mail must submit a written application to the Estonian foreign mission. The application must be submitted by 3 February 2023 at the latest.

Electronic voting is available during the advance voting from 27 February until 4 March.


Standing as a candidate

An Estonian citizen who has the right to vote and who has attained twenty-one years of age by the last day for the registration of candidates (24 January 2023) may run as a candidate at the election of the Riigikogu. Active servicemen and individuals who have been convicted of a criminal offence by a court and are currently serving a prison sentence cannot vote. Political parties which have been entered in the non-profit associations and foundations register no later than by 5 December 2022 and independent candidates may participate in the election.


Observing the elections

Everyone may participate at the elections as an observer. To make sure that i-voting procedures are clear, the State Electoral Office holds observers’ training before every election. In addition to taking part in the training, observers can also observe the setting up procedures of the system and be present at the counting of votes on the evening of the election day.