The State Electoral Office assures that the security of i-voting is of utmost importance


It is welcome that the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications shares the opinion of the State Electoral Office and wishes to support further enhancing of the security of online voting.

Ensuring the security of internet voting and its information systems, their reliability and transparency are a priority for the State Electoral Office and the National Electoral Committee Ensuring the security of i-voting is constantly dealt with at the highest level. In order to achieve this, the State Electoral Office has concluded a cooperation agreement with its partner, the Estonian Information System Authority. Among other things, the Information System Authority has provided hosting for the collection of i-votes, organised events on cybersecurity and provided client support during elections.

The i-voting system that was completed by the elections of 2017 was audited before it was taken into use, and it has been security tested before each election. Security testing will also be carried out before the referendum of 2021 and the local elections, which will be held in October that year. We support conducting an additional audit, security analysis and risk analysis, if this will further confirm the security and transparency of the system.