State Electoral Office of Estonia

The State Electoral Office ensures the holding of the elections in accordance with law at national level

The State Electoral Office (SEO) is a structural unit of the Chancellery of the Riigikogu, which is independent in the performance of the functions arising from the Acts concerning elections. The State Electoral Office is headed by the Head of the State Electoral Office, who is appointed to office by the Secretary General of the Riigikogu upon approval of the National Electoral Committee.


Functions of the State Electoral Office

To ensure the holding of the elections in accordance with law

The SEO organises voting in Estonia and abroad, prepares the ballot papers and acquires other equipment necessary for conducting the voting.

The SEO accepts the documents for nomination of candidates at the Riigikogu and the European Parliament elections and forwards them for registration to the National Electoral Committee.

In order to ensure the uniformity of elections, the SEO prepares written instructions for the elections managers. The SEO also instructs and trains the elections managers.

Organising of electronic voting

The SEO makes preparations for electronic voting, manages the electronic voting system and ascertains the results of electronic voting.

The SEO has the right to make a proposal to the National Electoral Committee on not starting, on suspending or on terminating electronic voting if the security or reliability of the electronic voting system cannot be ensured in such way that electronic voting could be conducted pursuant to the requirements of the laws concerning elections.

Supervision over the activities of the elections managers

The SEO exercises supervises over the activities of the elections managers in organising the voting. The SEO may remove a person who has violated the law or an order of the State Electoral Office from the holding of the elections.

The SEO registers the submitted notices concerning deficiency in electoral management, organises the review of the notices and informs the persons who have submitted the notices of the results of the review.

Development and management of technical solutions

Besides the electronic voting system, the SEO also manages the election information system.