Questions about i-voting

1. Is it necessary to order an electronic voter’s card for i-voting?

No, it is not. I-voting does not require having an electronic voter card. If you vote at the polling division, it is not necessary to take the paper voter’s card with you either. The purpose of the voter’s card is to inform the voter of the coming elections, and of different methods and times for voting.

2. How can I be sure that I am on the right web page and use the correct voter application? 

When you start voting, please type the address yourself, and do not click on links of random web pages that kindly offer to take you to i-voting.

3. Why can’t I download Windows voter application in my work computer? 

The reason may be that for security considerations, your agency or company has prohibited downloading *.exe files in your work computer. Ask for details from the IT specialist of your agency or company.

4. Why is it possible to change my vote at i-voting, but not at voting with a ballot paper? 

The possibility of changing one’s vote is necessary for ensuring the free will of the voter. The possibility of changing protects the voter against influencing of their voting preferences. Influencing would not be effective because the voter can change their decision later either electronically or with a ballot paper in the polling place. 
In the judgment made in 2005, the Supreme Court of Estonia has said the following: “It is clear that in the case of electronic voting in an uncontrolled medium, that is via Internet outside a polling division, it is more difficult for the state to guarantee that voting is free of external influence and secret./../ The Chamber is of the opinion that the possibility to change one’s electronic vote is necessary for guaranteeing the freedom of elections and secrecy of voting.

5. What should be done if a voter permanently residing in a foreign state does not have a determined electoral district? 

If the voter application displays an error message saying that you have not been entered in the list of voters, one of the possible reasons is that you have not determined your electoral district at the Riigikogu elections. To determine your electoral district, you can call the authorised administrator of the Population Register at +372 612 4444, or send an e-mail to The list of voters is updated once a day, at 3 p.m., thus you can vote after the update has been made.

6. What to do when the virus protection program on my device sees the voter application as a threat and moves it to quarantine?

Although producers of virus protection programs have been notified, and they have been asked to categorise the voter application among allowed applications, some virus protection programs may hinder the opening of the voter application on a device. To solve the problem, please update your virus protection software. If this does not help, include the voter application among exceptions in your virus protection program. If this does not help either, please disable your virus protection program for the time when you are e-voting, or e-vote on another device.