Nomination of candidates

Any person who has the right to stand as candidate may nominate themselves as an independent candidateor let a person who has the right to vote do it for them.

The right to set up a list of candidates is granted to political parties registered in Estonia, and to citizens’ election coalitions at local government council elections. A person cannot request to be added on the list of candidates of a political party or an election coalition – it is up to the political party or electoral coalition to decide who will stand as candidate and which is the order of candidates on the list.

citizen’s election coalition may be formed for local government council elections by any Estonian or EU citizen who has the right to vote. The election coalition is a civil law partnership formed by at least two partners.

The election coalition must be registered by submitting an application to the rural municipality or city electoral committee. A signed partnership contract must be added to the application. The election committee registers the election coalition submitted for registration within three working days. The partners must nominate at least two managing partners amongst themselves. The election coalition also nominates at least one authorised representative who is authorized to submit a list of candidates to the electoral committee.

In order to nominate a candidate or candidates, a list of candidates along with required candidate documents must be submitted to the National Electoral Committee (rural municipality or city electoral committee in case of local government council elections). Every candidate must submit an application to stand as candidate and a personal data form. The standard formats of candidate documents are established by a regulation of the National Electoral Committee and are published on its website.