Stages of i-voting in voter application

Identification of the voter

In the first window that opens, you can choose if you will use ID-card or Mobile-ID for voting.

Vali ID-kaart või mobiil-ID

When you click on the ID-card icon, you will be asked to enter your PIN1 code. After entering the code, click OK.

etapid2 pin1









Mobile-ID users are asked to enter their mobile phone number and personal identification code.


Then click “Saadan” (“Send”). A verification code will be displayed on the computer screen, and the same code will appear in the display window of your mobile phone.

etapid4 MID oode

It is important to ascertain that the codes displayed are identical. Then confirm it on your phone. Next, the PIN1 code is asked in the phone for identification. After entering the code, click OK. During identification of the voter with ID-card or Mobile-ID, it may take the system some moments to check if the person has already voted. The lists of candidates in the electoral district of your residence are also loaded.


Information about the candidates and making your choice

After identification, the following page is displayed:

etapid5 tere

If the voter has already i-voted, a corresponding message will be displayed. Then click “Otsustama” (“To decide”); the list of candidates in the electoral district of your residence will be opened. The voter application displays the political parties and candidates in a file-tree-like data structure. When the voting display is opened, only the names of political parties are shown at first. All independent candidates are also displayed in one group.

etapid 6-1 valik algus

When you click on the name of the political party of your choice or the independent candidates, the detailed list of candidates is opened.

etapid 6-2 valik ava

It is possible to search for candidates by name in the list. The search is activated if at least two symbols are entered.

etapid 6-3 valik otsing

Please find your candidate in the left-hand column and click on “Valin” (“Choose”). On the next page, you have to confirm your choice.

etapid 6-4 valik valitud


Confirming the vote with digital signature

etapid 7 kinnitus

I-voter has the possibility to go back to change their choice. For that, click on “Tagasi” (“Back”). Once you have made your choice, click “Hääletan” (“Voting”). The system encrypts your choice, which then needs to be signed.

ID-card users are asked to enter the PIN2 code of their ID-card. After entering the code, click “OK”.

Mobile-ID users will have a verification code displayed on the computer screen; the same code will appear in the display window of their mobile phone. The voter has to make sure the codes displayed are identical, and confirm it in the phone. Next, the PIN2 code is asked in the phone for signature. After entering the code, click OK.

This concludes i-voting, and the voter is asked to close the voter application. Closing will guarantee that connection to the voting centre has been cut.

etapid 8 ok


Repeated voting

I-voting system allows you to re-vote. In case of re-voting, only the last vote cast will count. In order to re-vote, you have to start the voter application, following the above instructions. The system detects that the voter has already voted, and asks confirmation that you will vote again.


Annulment of i-vote

If a voter has i-voted several times, their repeated i-votes are annulled. The time of casting the i-vote is the basis for annulment; the last vote by time of casting is taken into account.

I-voting takes place until 8 p.m. on Saturday of the election week. If the voter also votes by ballot paper in a polling place, their i-vote will not be taken into account and only the vote cast on a paper ballot will be valid.

Since 2021, the voter can change their i-vote by voting with a ballot paper at a polling place until the evening of the election day. After casting their i-vote, the voter can check with a smartphone if their i-vote was taken into account.


If an error occurs

If the content and meaning of the error are not apparent in the text of error message, please contact [email protected]. If your computer or a technical fault does not allow i-voting, you can vote in the traditional way, at a polling place.

For example, if your ID-card or its certificates are not found, the following message is displayed:

etapid9 errview6

In such a case, please check if you have inserted your ID-card into the reader correctly and facing the right direction. Then click on the button “Sulgen” (“Close”) and start voting again on the opening page of the voter application. To register the certificates, insert your ID-card into the reader and start the DigiDoc4 client application. ID-card certificates are registered in the system’s certificate repository automatically during the time the application displays the data of the document in the card reader.

If a wrong PIN code is entered, a corresponding message is displayed on the screen – the name of the wrong code entered, and the number of attempts remaining before the code is locked. After a wrong code has been entered three times, the code is locked. PIN1 and PIN2 codes can be unlocked, using the DigiDoc4 client application. 

If you need help about the activities connected with the ID-card, please phone +372 631 6633 or write to [email protected].