Electoral Districts and Voting Districts

Electoral district is a territorial unit where specific candidates are nominated and voting results are ascertained (mandates are distributed). For the Riigikogu elections, the territory of Estonia is divided into 12 electoral districts.

Electoral districts

At the municipal councils elections, rural municipalities and cities usually form one electoral district; several districts are formed in exceptional cases under the conditions laid down by law. At the elections to the European Parliament, Estonia forms one electoral district.

Voting districts are formed for the organisation of voting. Each voting district has a polling place or several polling places. Different polling places may be designated for voting on election day and on advance voting days.

Formation of voting districts is within the competence of the rural municipality or city government. At least one voting district is formed within the territory of each rural municipality and city, and each city district of Tallinn.

On advance voting days and on election day, a voter may vote at all polling places of the voting district formed in the electoral district of their residence. From the sixth day to the fourth day before election day (from Monday to Thursday), voters may vote at advance voting in the polling places of the voting districts outside the electoral district of their residence.

On Friday and Saturday before the election day, and on the election day, it is possible to vote only at the polling places of the voting districts of the electoral district of the voter’s residence.

The vote cast by the voter is taken into account and counted in the electoral district of their residence. If the voter has voted during advance voting at a polling place located in another electoral district, the envelopes with the ballot paper will be sent to the electoral district of their residence,

The locations and opening hours of polling places of voting districts are published on the elections web page before the elections.