List of Voters

Voters are registered in the Estonian population register and the population register is taken as the basis for compiling the lists of voters. In order to be entered in the list of voters, the address details of the residence of a person must have been entered in the population register first. The voter will then be entered in the list of voters of his/her voting district.

If the address of a person’s residence has not been entered in the register, they can submit a notice of residence to the population register. The form of notice of residence can be filled at Population Register or submitted through This procedure should also be followed when changing the address of residence, otherwise the voter will remain in the voting list of their former voting district.

If a person is unable to define their residence precisely, they can specify only the name of the rural municipality or city (part of a rural municipality or city district). Every rural municipality or city has defined one voting district where such voters are entered in the list of voters.