List of Voters

Records of the voters are kept in the Estonian population register, and the list of voters is compiled on the basis of the data in the population register. In order to be entered in the list of voters, a person eligible to vote needs to have the address data of their residence entered in the population register.

From 2021, an electronic list of voters will be introduced, and voters will no longer be attached to specific voting districts. The electoral process will become more paper-free. A voter’s right to vote will be checked against the electronic list of voters in the polling places of a voting district. Ballot papers are issued against a signature.

The voter’s place of residence will still have significance in the organisation of the elections. At the municipal councils elections, the voters will be able to vote only at the polling places of the voting districts of the electoral district of their residence on the Friday and Saturday preceding the election day, and on the election day.

If the residential address of a person has not been entered in the register, they can submit a notice of residence to the population register. The notice of residence can be submitted in writing or electronically. This should also be done when changing residence, otherwise the voter will remain in the list of voters with the address data of their former residence. More detailed information is provided by rural municipality and city governments.

If a person is unable to specify their residential address in detail, the address can be specified to the accuracy of the rural municipality or city (rural municipality district or city district).