Previous elections

Elections and referendums 1992–2019

2019 European Parliament elections (26 May)
2019 Riigikogu elections (3 March)
2017 Local government councils elections (15 October)
2016 Election of the President of the Republic**
2015 Riigikogu elections (1 March)
2014 European Parliament elections (25 May)
2013 Local government councils elections (20 October)
2011 Election of the President of the Republic (29 August)
2011 Riigikogu elections (6 March)
2009 Local government councils elections (18 October)
2009 European Parliament elections (7 June)
2007 Riigikogu elections (4 March)
2006 Election of the President of the Republic**
2005 Local government councils elections (16 October)
2004 European Parliament elections (13 June)
2003 Referendum (14 September)
2003 Riigikogu elections (2 March)
2002 Local government councils elections (20 October)
2001 Election of the President of the Republic**
1999 Local government councils elections (17 October)
1999 Riigikogu elections (7 March)
1996 Local government councils elections (20 October)
1996 Election of the President of the Republic**
1995 Riigikogu elections (5 March)
1993 Local government councils elections (17 October)
1992 Election of the President of the Republic (20 September)*
1992 Riigikogu elections (20 September)

* Pursuant to the Constitution of the Republic of Estonia Implementation Act, direct and general election in the first round, election in Riigikogu in the second round
** Election in the Riigikogu and in the electoral college


Elections and referendums 1989–1992 (until the adoption of the Constitution)

1992 Referendum on the draft Constitution of the Republic of Estonia, the Constitution of the Republic of Estonia Implementation Bill and the consequent additional question (28 June)

1991 Referendum on the issue of the restoration of the independence of the Republic of Estonia (3 March)

1990 Elections of the Supreme Soviet of the Estonian SSR (18 March)

1990 Elections of the Congress of Estonia (24 February – 1 March)

1989 Elections of the local people's deputies councils of the Estonian SSR (10 December)

1989 Elections of the USSR People’s Deputies Congress (26 March)


Additional local government council elections and repeat votes

2014 elections of the rural municipality council after the forming of Lääne-Saare Rural Municipality by the merger of Kaarma, Kärla and Lümanda Rural Municipalities

2002 repeat vote in the electoral district No. 1 of Vinni Rural Municipality. Voting results were declared invalid because one of the candidates did not have the right to stand as a candidate.

2002 The election day had to be postponed twice in Püssi Rural Municipality because the number of nominated candidates was too small. Elections were held on 15 December.

1998 election of municipality council in Abja Rural Municipality. Abja Rural Municipality and the city of Abja-Paluoja merged.

1995 election of municipality council in Kihelkonna Rural Municipality. Rural municipality electoral committee refused to register a nominated candidate, which was contested in court. A solution was reached only in 1995.

1993 repeat vote in 10 local governments (City of Kehra, City of Loksa, Illuka Rural Municipality, Kohtla Rural Municipality, Mäetaguse Rural Municipality, Põltsamaa Rural Municipality, Kihnu Rural Municipality, Koonga Rural Municipality, Leisi Rural Municipality, Mustjala Rural Municipality, Piirissaare Rural Municipality). Second repeat vote in Leisi Rural Municipality. Some mandates remained undistributed after the main voting because of the insufficient list of candidates; repeat vote was held to distribute these mandates.


Referendums 1918–1940

1933 Referendum on the Constitution (14–16 October, approved)
1933 Referendum on the Constitution (10–12 June, rejected)
1932 Referendum on the Constitution (13–15 August, rejected)
1923 Referendum on amending the Primary School Act (on legalising religious education) (17–19 February, approved)


Elections 1918–1940

1938 Elections of the 6th Riigikogu (Riigivolikogu or Chamber of Deputies + Riiginõukogu or National Council with appointed members) (February)
1934 Local elections
1932 Elections of the 5th Riigikogu (May)
1930 Local elections
1929 Elections of the 4th Riigikogu (May)
1927 Local elections
1926 Elections of the 3rd Riigikogu (May)
1923 Elections of the 2nd Riigikogu (May)
1923 Local elections
1921 Local elections
1920 Elections of the 1st Riigikogu (November)
1919 Local elections
1919 Elections of the Constituent Assembly (5–7 April)