Local elections 2021


There are altogether 10,025 candidates at the local elections.

  • 6322 run on the lists of political parties,
  • 3660 run on the lists of election coalitions,
  • 43 run as independent candidates,
  • 61.6% of candidates are men and 38.4% are women.


Voting districts

From this year, voters are no longer tied to the polling place of the voting district of their residence. It is possible to vote at any polling place in the voter’s municipality or city of residence; in Tallinn, it is possible to vote at any polling place of the city district of the voter’s residence.


Time of voting

KOV2021 Hääletamisviisid ENG

Elections of municipal councils will be held on 17 October 2021. The election week starts on Monday and consists of six advance voting days. The election week ends on Sunday, the election day. During the advance voting period, it is possible to vote by electronic means, i.e. via the Internet (i-voting).


Polling places

At the municipal councils elections, voters are not obliged to vote at the polling places of the voting districts closest to their homes. On election day, it is possible to vote at any voting district of an electoral district of a rural municipality or a city. For example, voters in Tartu can vote at any voting district located in Tartu.
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Electronic list of voters

The process of elections is becoming more paper-free. In 2021, the electronic list of voters will be introduced in Estonia. A voter’s right to vote is checked against the electronic list of voters at the polling place of a voting district. On receiving a ballot paper, the voter signs the signature roster.
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Elections information notice

From 2021, voter’s cards will no longer be sent to voters. Instead of voter’s cards, election information sheets will be prepared. An election information sheet will contain information on the conditions of the right to vote, and on the voting possibilities in a specific rural municipality or city.
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