Registration starts for the first round of presidential elections


Tomorrow, on 26 August at 9 a.m., begins the registration of candidates for the election of the President of the Republic of Estonia. Candidates can be submitted until Saturday evening. 

The right to nominate a candidate rests with not less than one-fifth of the Riigikogu, or 21 members. A member of the Riigikogu may nominate only one candidate.

In order to register a candidate, the nominators have to submit an application to the National Electoral Committee stating the given name and the surname of the candidate, the year, month and day of their birth, the names and signatures of the nominators, and the date of drafting the application.

The application must be accompanied with a signed autographic consent of the candidate to run as a candidate for the President, and a confirmation that they meet the requirements provided by law, as well as documents which certify that the candidate is an Estonian citizen by birth.

The documents required for the registration of a candidate are submitted to the National Electoral Committee by a nominator of the candidate. Candidates can be submitted for registration until 6 p.m on Saturday, 28 August. The National Electoral Committee will meet on Sunday, 29 August at 5 p.m. to register the candidates.

The first round of the election of the President of the Republic will be held in the Riigikogu on Monday, 30 August at 1 p.m.

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